Naruto Kunai Holster Bag Halloween

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By KP - February 24,2013

The kunai holster and bag are AMAZING! They both are very well made and Velcro closed. The white bag goes on a belt, but the black one Velcros around the leg. They look just like the ones on the show. I would definitely recommend it!!


By Rita - April 22,2010

do you have to choose one of the bags or do you get both of them?


By Youdontneedtoknow - June 19,2011

First, computer people, look up(on the internet, try googleing it) what a kunai is in respects to Naruto. There is no person named kunai, as you seem to have mistakenly thought. This bag is 16 cm, about the size of a normal cell phone in height. The actual kunai are 26 cm, thus too big to fit in the bag. This isn\'t the best bag to buy, because that is tiny, and wouldn\'t look realistic when actually taped to your leg

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