Naruto Kiba Inuzuka Cosplay Costume

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By ruskin - August 18,2012

I think anime is just a very cool awesome source for the latest fashion styles. It’s really cool watching those characters wear these outfits and getting to wear them too is great.. It works out great too because i’m pretty much guaranteed a unique look and it always stands out. Take this jacket for instance. It just exudes coolness all over. I love wearing it around the house or when i’m out and about and it feels really nice. It’s also really fun to wear this to go out. I’ve had people at conventions come and ask me where i got this costume from. And it fits me nicely too. Not big or anything.


By michael quelch - June 15,2011

hello i am very interested in this cos-play costume i would like it but there is one thing missing from it were do i get the wig with it


By Trevor - July 24,2012

This is a really nice costume for any naruto anime fan. I bought this costume for two reasons. One was that it was from naruto so i could use it to dress up as the character and attend events and parties and secondly that the costume is so simple compared to the other anime characters that it wouldn’t look odd if i wore it out on a normal day or separated the pieces and wore them as individual pieces. Since it is winter here the top jacket can be worn to any place and that is what i do. So it has been in fact a two in one purchase and i am happy because quality turned out to be just as expected from milanoo.

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