Naruto Kakashi Veil Cosplay Accessory Halloween

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By Keith Rae - October 15,2015

A little small, but otherwise very comfortable. I realize I've been wearing it a little off as one side covers my ear and I have my ears freshly pierced.


By Olivia - July 14,2011

the mask itself doesent go over the left eye. the forehead protector goes over the eye. the mask goes over the bridge of the nose and under the eyes


By MillerSharnise - February 13,2013

The thing about the mask is that it's not actually suppose to go over the eye. Kakashi's mask reaches the bridge of his nose and then his headband reaches down over the eye so the design of this product is accurate. it's very comfy to wear and it doesn't feel like you're suffocating when you wear it. IT also helps keep most of your face warm when it's bitterly cold out :D

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