Naruto Deidara Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By His Man Sasori - October 2,2012

I actually think this one is great! Once you put on the headband and tuck back the bit of hair on the right, it looks almost exactly like his hairstyle! If needed, I'm sure you can at least spray-dye the hair to a brighter yellow, but I find this one way nicer. I'm sure the majority of the head-models are fit to look female, so I wouldn't complain about something as trivial as gender. After all, art is an explosion.


By Cynthia - July 13,2012

Love the wig but,u should make the hair more blonde and if its possible, to put the side ponytail more higher so it looks more like Deidara XD and btw Deidara is male!!!!!!


By stephanie - August 9,2010

i cant shows witch one to get

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