Naruto Anbu Cosplay Cape Halloween

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By Chris - May 23,2012

Does this come with mask?


By Mary - July 24,2012

This costume is just so simple yet so versatile that i am totally in awe of the possibilities that one can employ in the case of this costume. i got this costume for last Halloween and i wore it just as a character from naruto and it worked perfectly well with all the accessories and stud. Later i wanted to dress up as a mad scientist so i just used the long coat and paired it with some spiky hair and big goggles and then too it worked like a charm. I’ve also pretended to be a doctor in this costume and once even a barber. No other piece of costume i have bought has lent itself so many used.


By jamie - August 18,2012

I totally agree with what the previous poster has said about the versatility of this costume, it is just totally unique and at the same time it can be used in a lot of different ways too. I really like that. this costume has true economy in it. I actually bought this costume because i was looking to test milanoo out with something easy and small scale tht i could test out and wear. And i saw this costume and it gave me opportunities to test it as a costume and then also wear the coat as a normal piece and gauge that. I am happy to inform that milanoo passed on both these accounts with flying colors and has found another loyal customer.

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