Naruto Akatsuki Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Carly Parry - October 25,2012

Really comfortable and actually fits a lot better than I thought it would. I think I bought the wrong size for myself but because its a little bit bigger its waaaaay more comfy - best mistake I ever made!!


By Chris - January 21,2013

I had this Akatsuki cloak for 3 years now,(since 2010) and it is still in very good shape. I will buy more from this website in the future. P.S. I was the Zetsu in the photo attached (Far left, search for the leaves...)


By Yomigami - August 19,2010

The collar isn\'t as wide as it appears in the manga, but aside from that, this coat is expertly made. The inside is lined with what I believe to be satin, and it\'s extremely light and comfortable to wear. The price is also fantastic.

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