Modern Single Breasted Worsted Groom Wedding Suit

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By Darko - October 29,2011

The beige light shade color forms a good unique blend for a wedding and its drift from the normal black and white is pretty interesting to wear to formal events. The fit is perfect here and almost every colored tie goes great with this fine piece of clothing. The best part is that none of it is damaged which you would think would be the case coming from something as cheap as this. God bless this site for giving the best without charging too much. Going to buy more clothes from here in the future if not all the clothes!


By George - November 5,2011

Most wedding dresses are black in color and that for me is the single biggest sign of conformity. I am not someone who has been comfortable following the trend and I have always been someone who has believed that one needs to be able to pick out what he or she loves rather than what the crowd and the rest of the world would find appealing. This little suit here is the perfect example of that where I decided that I would be wearing beige to my wedding and hence I picked this one up and not some dull black.


By Charlotte - January 9,2012

Hallo, hier steht, dass die Jacke, Weste und Hose in dem Set sind. Es ist aber leider keine Weste auf dem Foto zu sehen. Wie sieht diese denn aus?

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