Matte Black Lolita Heels Shoes Chunky Heels High Platform Shoes Ankle Strap Buckle

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By Smiling Kitten - August 20,2015

Just what I was looking for! I love the quality of the shoes and how unique they are. You will not believe how hard it is to find a pair of Mary Jane or baby doll pumps or whatever you call them that look like these! Its crazy!! thank goodness they not only have the shoes that I like but they are also extremely well made and worth the money! These are my third pair or shoes from here and I will keep buying as long as they keep up the style and quality.


By Stephanie - August 26,2011

The shoe is very innovative in design. Since it really isn’t made out that way and though it really is hard for one to believe, these shoes are not made of natural leather and hence require some external supports to ensure that the fabric of stiffness of the substance is not lost. To ensure this, the makers of this shoe have put in a little perk in the form of the oxford patch in the front of the shoe which really ensures that the shoe doesn’t crease or anything of that sort even on prolonged usage. The heel also, though a little too much for my normal tastes took me a little while to get used to but since then this product has been almost flawless!

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