Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By asianknight808 - February 3,2013

Costume came out real nice before our trip. The only problem I had was the bags keep slipping off. But over all a very good buy well worth the price.


By chrisbailey2009 - November 19,2010

This product is amazing! 5*\'s! I had been waiting for this for like 3 weeks and it came a week early. I was so excited, I tracked it for like 5 days straight without fail. I was at first a little skeptical because of the sites bad reviews, but they must of had a bad day or something because this is awesome! Its very well made and put together, very sturdy. All the materials used are top notch and I cant see any of this breaking unless forced upon. I fully 110% recommend this costume. London Anime Expo 2011 here I come XD For those asking, it includes: The blue undershirt, with fully useable pockets. The jacket/coat, with fixed shoulder pads (Yes, they are black and not silver, but you can change this small issue yourself.) The shorts all attached. (In the pictures you see the blue shorts seperate, which was not the case for me, they were stiched on already, which it great! Belt, very nice :D (Same material as the clothing, so don\'t expect some leather belt or something :P) Leather gloves, with glued seems for the white cross and yellow stipe. (These came off in the delivery process, they were originally glued on, but obviously did not stick well. This was the ONLY problem I had, but a little super glue didnt even make it a problem!) Necklace, the crown shaped necklace was included, and it was official! :D (It was a little smaller that I imagined, especially when you compare it to Soras, so I made my own out of Baking clay and matallic silver spray paint. Attached a chain and WOLAH! I still wear the one included ALL THE TIME :D ) 5 amazing stars, I am so happy with this. Now just need to save up for the shoes :)


By Jed - March 25,2010

What does this costume include? because it say \'others\', i am curious what those \'others\' are. Thanks. This costume looks really good.

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