Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Marluxia Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By Kirsten - January 30,2011

Hi again! I have a quick question. Would it be possible for you to cut the wig a little shorter, maybe about to the shoulders of the wig stand? If you would, then would the price go up? Thanks!!


By Denise - July 28,2012

Many people think cosplay means simply dressing up. It is not so. Cosplay means transforming yourself into a character completely. Costume, shoes and make up only does half the job. The most important feature is the hair and hence, cosplay is incomplete without a good wig. I liked this wig here because it manages to capture the hairstyle of the character perfectly. The material is quite fine and it looks really impressive. It is soft and comfortable to put on. However, the hair doesn’t part easily, which is somewhat disappointing. Other than that small detail, however, it is a perfectly good product and I quite like it.


By Natsumi - November 9,2013

got 3 questions: 1- can you ship to brazil?2- how much? 3- is it kanekalon or what?

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