Kingdom Hearts II Sora Halloween Cosplay Shoes Silver

Item Code: #10280030375


By Josie - July 28,2012

I am not a big enthusiast when it comes to online shopping, particularly for clothes. I used to shy away from visiting sites like these. However, it all changed when I received a dress as a gift from a friend, who had ordered it from here. When I came online and checked out this site, I was amazed at their extensive range and low prices. On top of it, based on personal experience, I can tell you that even the quality is quite good. I bought these shoes to complete my Sora costume I had bought for cosplay. The design is what won me over here. The attention to detail is pleasing and the shoes look authentic, complementing the costume nicely.


By Sarah-Jane - January 15,2013

Klasse Schuhe! Sie sehen wirklich aus wie die Sora-Final-form Schuhe. Sie sind Bequem und passen sehr gut :) Danke!

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