Kingdom Hearts Black And Blue Satin Spandex Leather Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Cathy - September 26,2011

I am so disappointed about Milanoo and this product. I bought one in a personalized size to be sure it would be the best. Milanoo did a mistake in the size of the strapless brassiere. It was far too much big for me! So I sent an email to know what to do because it was a mistake from the shop and not from me. They asked me to send photos to show the problem. I sent it and now no response anymore! So if you want a personalized size, be careful because Milanoo says that there won\'t be any pay back. That\'s okay but they are not able to send the good product in the good size. And if you ask for some help they just ignore you! To conclude, I will never buy anything else to this website and never recommend it to anyone. Thank you Milanoo I have definitively lost my money.


By Otto - June 7,2011

I was so worried after I purchased this that I wouldn\'t look any good as it was going to be tight - but I love it! I am so happy with the fit of the costume! 


By Hannah - July 11,2011

Generally love this Kingdom Hearts Cosplay as it\'s the most accurate version I have seen so far. I am always Pleased with how easy it is to order. What\'s more, The shipping service was Distinguished. 

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