Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-Ventus Nylon Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By rwerr - December 4,2012

Liebe Milanoo, Danke für die Waren! Sie sind super! Sie dürfen meine Bewertungen gerne in den Referenzen benutzen! :) Ich habe ihnen dazu noch ein Bild von mir in der Kleidung geschickt. Ich werde oft bei Ihnen Kleidung kaufen! Danke!


By Ron - July 28,2012

I ordered this wig for myself from milanoo a while back. It arrived on time and the package was in perfect condition. The entire delivery process was quite smooth and without any unnecessary delays or hassles. I was kept in loop regarding the progress of the package. The guys handling the delivery were also completely professional. The wig is of very good quality. The material used is up to the mark. It is quite soft and comfortable to wear. The style is also reminiscent of the character. In fact, in my mind, it is just the perfect wig for this character and it goes well with the costume as well.


By Olivia - August 14,2011

First let me just say that the ordering process is a little confusing. I\'m used to a kind of point, click, and ship setup, while this site requires just a bit more. As far as the product, it\'s great. This wig is exactly what I hoped it would be, and I wish I could get it in several more colors. I\'m a big anime fan, and this wig helps me to really fit into character. The material of the hair isn\'t all that bad either. It\'s actually better than most. The only thing that I have to say is a bit of a big deal is what happens to the hair when you sweat...it gets a bit matted, and I really don\'t like combing it out.

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