Vestito da Galà in colore di narciso classico in pizzo multistrato

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Da Natalie SteyerRobin - May 2,2013

I have heard a lot of bad things about Milanoo, but I decided to order this dress anyway. It was just was I was looking for to wear to my senior prom, so I was willing to take a risk. It got to my house 29 days after I ordered it, which was less than the predicted 31. It was wrapped pretty well and was free of tears or errors. I put it on right away and I could not find any errors in craftsmanship other than a slightly jagged edge on the very bottom of the tulle, which you can't even notice because it's all the way at the ground. I got it in pink and the color matched the shown color on the website just right. I am in between sizes, so I ordered up to size 8 and, as I expected, it was a little too big. I took it to a tailor and it wasn't too expensive to fix that. I wear it with a hoop skirt so it poofs out like the one in the picture. It's quite thick, lots of layers, so the hoops aren't visible. I would definitely recommend this product. The only picture I have is from before I got it tailored and I'm wearing stuff underneath it.

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