Vestito da Galà champagne elegante attillato in satin elastico con strascico

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Da Natalie ZOe - January 7,2012

I got this as a gift from a friend. It looks nice but its sad that it doesn’t fit me all that much. So I thought I’d ask her where she got it and I thought I’d go there and return it and exchange it. I got the receipt from her and it was very nice of milanoo to take it back and get a dress that it my size. They were very understanding of the issue and got the whole thing sorted out. It did cost me shipping and extra to get the right size, and I love it.


Da Natalie Cirtney Laakman - March 4,2012

does anyone know what the beeds and the color red would look like? ive got prom coming really fast and i would like to get other peoples opinions on if the beeds would look good with the color red.

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