Abito da Galà sexy attillato in chiffon con collo a cuore e perline

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Da Natalie Iris - December 31,2011

Its like I’m walking down a permanent runway when I wear the mardi gras strapless dress. Its fluffy, flashy and red. But I can assure you that you will not trip on this because, as you can see, the fluffy stuff isn’t there in the front, all thats there is a mini skirt, which is super sexy by the way. The fluffy stuff is good stuff but it super expensive but once you wear it, you will know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ll love it. This also looks great in peacock blue which has sequins on it.


Da Natalie amourette - May 10,2012

Bonjour, Y a t-il une photo du dos de la robe ? Est-elle vraiment échancrée ou est ce le mouvement de la robe ? MErci pour vos réponses

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