Abito da Galà nero formale in raso senza spalline con cintura

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Da Natalie barbiegirl - April 8,2011

Hello I am very interested in buying this dress. However does it have a zip up back or a lace up back? And how long is the hollow to hem? Thank you


Da Natalie AJ - December 29,2011

I used this dress as my wedding reception dress, and I was so pleased with it! I did the custom sizing, and it worked great. The fabric is very thick, I was very pleased with the quality. It swished and swayed so delightfully, it was great for latin songs and upbeat tempos. The back is lace-up, and the \"lacing\" is a wide band of satin (1.5\" wide). I started the lacing at the top and threaded it through the loops, working my way down. The loops are right next to each other all the way down the back of the dress, so it looks like a tightly woven braid. At the bottom of the back I tied a small, tight knot and tucked the remaining lace \"tails\" inside the dress, and trimmed the excess so it didn\'t hang out the bottom of the skirt. Beautiful! I must say that the complex weave pattern of the lace-up back added some \"ooooh\" to the dress, which is a nice touch. The overall cut is very flattering to the figure. The gold sash is a brown gold, not a yellow gold. The ivory dress color is a crisp ivory, not antique. Can\'t get a better dress for the price, totally worth it!


Da Natalie Alejandra - December 17,2011

This is the best Christmas sale I could ever visit. Getting such a pretty dress for such an amazing prize, while sitting at home is like a dream come true. The elegance of the dress cannot be described by words. The material of the dress looks very elegant and classy. The plain and simple pattern in one solid colour, with just the sash as an accessory looks absolutely stunning. The length and the pattern of the neck help me show off my beautiful figure and get many compliments.

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