Abito da Galà nero elegante in chiffon con monospalla

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Da Natalie Sara - January 7,2012

The dress is super comfortable and has a huge slit on the side. Its got fake rhinestones on it. It looks pretty good and I enjoy wearing it. I thought it was a bit too revealing at first but it turned out to be ok, but I did have t get used it. The dress has a one shoulders dress and the skirt is long and it drags on the floor so I did get that tucked in. It fit well and fabric is thick and soft and it didn’t cost me all that much. I’m definitely shopping here again.


Da Natalie saskaluvesu - April 20,2012

i just received my dress and i personally love it! it is such a beautiful dress, especially in red!


Da Natalie soloyo - July 3,2012

hola quiero saver si estos vestidos son de españa y si no lo son si podrian mandarlo estoy interesada y me urge por fabor contestar. Saludos

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