Abito da damigella d'onore raso viola senza spalline con scollo a cuore A-linea al polpaccio

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Da Natalie Danielle - March 23,2012

Is the grape this light? It is the color I want but on the color swatch it looks so dark so it worries me!


Da Natalie Rae - March 23,2012

I have seen different pictures of the dresses that are in the taffeta material... The grape looks different in every picture and the lilac as well. I am having a summer wedding and what a deep but brighter purple, not a dark color. And my maids will see ordering these dresses! So I'm concerned Bo which color, because on this picture I love th grape, on another it's to dark. Then on one picture I love the lilac, but hate it on others! I'm sorry lol.. Just wondering If e grape will look like this so I know which color to order! Thank you... Love the cite !!


Da Natalie danifooting - January 16,2013

la couleur est moins flash que sur les photos mais est néanmoins belle concernant la livraison DHL n'est pas au top, premier rendez vous non honoré ai été obligée de téléphoner plusieurs fois

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