Abbigliamento da Galà rosso moderno in chiffon con perline

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Da Natalie StewartNatalee - May 31,2013

The Quality and the actual Dress BEAUTIFUL! Better than I ever expected! I am crying because a US14 no way. I am a size US12 sometimes even a US10 and this dress maybe a US10 or US8. I can't get it to zip by at least 6 to 8 inches. It is so disappointing it has to be returned. I ordered in Burgundy for a wedding on the 13th of June on May 5th and it arrived today May 31st after paying extra for faster shipping. So after all this time it does not fit and I have to return and go out dress shopping! Nothing will ever live up to this dress now after seeing it in person. It is beautiful but way to small! I already bought my shoes and my jewelry. I have showed others pictures of the dress this is so awful.

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