InuYasha Kohaku Cosplay Costume Fight Occasion Halloween

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By Colt - July 20,2012

This Kohaku occasion costume is the real thing. It’s made of spandex and wearing it is just awesome. It is the ultimate fighting costume. No wonder Kohaku is such good fighter, he has some amazing clothes to help his movements. The costume comes with the armor and the chain that Kohaku has in the cartoon. It’s also available in a bunch of colors apart from blue and black. Another thing that the suit has is the shoes that come with the costume. It also has adjustable strings and everything to make sure it fits you and make sure that you can move freely in it. It looks very much like the one Kohaku wears in the cartoon. It cost me around $100 and I think it was worth it because I can wear this to the gym and when I go swimming.

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