InuYasha Bankotsu Halloween Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By brianna - July 20,2012

Bankotsu’s hair must be source of great pride for him like any other girl or buy who has hair that long. Personally, I hate long hair because it’s too much work. Instead, now I can just get a wig like this. And it’s Bankotsu’s wig so you can imagine how long the hair will be. And for hair that is that long, it did not cost me much. It cost me only $31. But there is a catch. The wig has braided hair and you can’t unbraid it. You need to stick with how it is. If you do unbraid it, it does not look that good. The same wig is available in some other colors apart from brown and black like white red and green. But those would be a bit wild wouldn’t they.

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