High Heel Yellow Patent Thigh High Sexy Non-Platform Boots

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By Felicia. J - December 29,2011

Boots are cute. First off, my order wasn\'t expected for 2 weeks. It came within the following week of me ordering them. I tried them on and it fit perfectly, and I didn\'t have to order a size up. My main thing was zipping the boot up over my calves and thighs since I have pretty big legs. Thank God they stretch! it took a minute to zip up between my ankle and calf. Afterwards it was a breeze. Very Pleased. Fast shipping and great balance btw price and quality.


By Mandy - December 15,2011

I bought two pairs and got a little discount which just offsets the shipping cost :) They wear very comfortable despite of the super high heel. Nice boots!


By Kelly - November 29,2011

There was this film festival that I attended recently where they screened this Indian movie called the Girl in Yellow Boots. There was something about the movie that really appealed to me and I decided that I would pick up yellow shoes for myself after watching that movie. The shoes in the movie really make the girl look very sexy and I was looking for something that looked exactly like that. It definitely was not an easy task and I finally came upon the one’s that I was looking for here on Milanoo. I just placed the order for them.

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