High Heel Silver PU Sexy Platform Sandals

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By Val - March 9,2017

Elle sont jolie, mais trop large sur la bride de devant, donc pas de stabilité. Si vous faite un 37 commander le 36 cela taille plus grand.


By Morgan - May 4,2011

These shoes are nothing short of amazing. They are perfectly designed so that the weight is distributed mostly to the ball of the foot, easing heel and back pain after wearing. For women who are not used to this, walking in these heels may take some getting used to, as you sometimes will feel as if you are going to fall forward, but a little practice is worth the extra comfort. I bought these to go with a dress for my college graduation, and they are so gorgeous! I recommend these to anyone who wants comfortable, stylish, well-designed heels for any occassion.


By Pamela - November 29,2011

I am not really a fan of the big bulky shoes and I think the best things about a woman is her form. I mean, the very idea of a woman starts with elegance and without that I really do not think that any woman can ever be complete and shoes which are big and bulky ruin the whole image of the slender little legs of the woman. A woman’s legs are really one of her best features and it really does need the right footwear to make sure that they are aptly highlighted too. These shoes are just perfect!

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