High Heel PVC Patent Sexy Sandals

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By Carmen |Marchetti - March 3,2017

Sexy e particolari. Super super alte! Al top!


By janine - May 23,2012

There is nothing sexier than stripper heels to my husband. He had been persuading me for ages to dress to dress up a s a stripper and indulge in his fetish for pornstars and strippers. So to make him happy and give him the surprise of his life I got these PVC heels for his birthday and greeted him in them and another stripper outfit I got from milanoo itself. It is putting it lightly in saying that he was visibly amused when he entered the home and saw his birthday present waiting for him to unwrap it. What’s great about these heels is that they are very comfortable, unlike their appearance. Although initially I was worried about the extreme height but I got used to it pretty quickly and started to enjoy seeing myself in these too. This has been a really exciting purchase, well worth the price and it has brought new fire into my married life.

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