High Heel Peep Toe Shoes

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24-Hour Ship


By Loredana - September 22,2011

Alle spese di spedizione sono aggiunte anche le spese doganali? Grazie


By Dava - April 25,2011

Thanks Milanoo for your quick shipping, I got them earlier than it was on their expected delivery date.Love these shoes,very comfortable! !


By Fonima - September 23,2011

Super comfortable peep toe shoes! For real! I bough them for the combination of blue gradients. I have a blue dress and white scarf and handbag. I thought it would match perfectly with these shoes. It really does. It really does. I received the shoes yesterday and was so excited. Last night I invited my two best friends to dinner. I had the best mood ever because I knew I looked good and that felt great!

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