Halter Bikini Swimsuit

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By Lizzy - October 3,2011

There seems to be no mention about the skirt. I mean, do we get it along with the swimsuit when we purchase it from the website or do I have to order it separately? If I have to order it separately will it not add up to the cost of the swimsuit? And also I would like the link of the skirt if it is indeed available on the website itself. Please answer my questions as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for you patience.


By Bella - July 31,2011

I ordered this bikini just for its color and the cute design, which looks fabulous and sexy.


By Xanny - August 6,2013

For the question that was posted before, the skirt comes with the swimsuit. No need to order separately. I have to admit, I LOOOVE this swimsuit. I ordered it a while back & it was perfect for me. I'm pretty sure that it still is. :)

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