Halloween Zombie School Girl Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By Ava - April 28,2011

Great costume! It was so much fun to wear and easy to put on.I would say buy this if you are even considering it, you will not be disappointed!!


By peter - August 18,2012

Wow this really looks like a school girl gone wrong. Like one of those bad girls that mother always warns you about at school i suppose. Haha but jokes apart this is really a killer costume...pun unintended. I have had a blast wearing this costume ever since last Halloween when i bought it to wear to a party at a friend’s and i have been wearing it occasionally. I once even scared my mother by pretending i had been murdered while she had gone out to shop. Totally fooled her for a minute there until she realized it was my costume and beat the crap out of me. Lol, fun times.


By tanya - April 28,2012

aaliyah love it

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