Halloween Spiderman Zentai Suit Lycra Spandex Super Hero Full Bodysuit Halloween

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By Ben - May 10,2011

My 4 year old son is crazy about spiderman, so it seemed like a good idea to invite him to his birthday party. I ordered the costume and four weeks after I had it in my hands. I have never seen him so impressed in my whole life like he was the minute I entered the door to his room all dressed up. I will never regret the 50$ I spent on it. Of course he found out soon enough that it was me under the costume, so the next challenge now is to find an exactly the same outfit for him as well.


By Abdul - May 27,2011

The Spiderman Zentai suit is also perfect for dancers or acrobats and is made with full Lycra and spandex material. The full body-covered suit also features long sleeves with gloves, masks, and tights. The costume suit has sizes that range from S to XXL and can be worn for both male or female as it is a unisex costume. For actors who are practicing for their role in any fantasy role-playing part, this costume is great as a medium to really express the feelings of being a ‘superhero’ and a fictional character that is loved by a lot of people. The suit could also be worn during any parties and special events such as cosplay and artistic modelling


By PandaQuest - May 25,2013

This was awesome I ordered it for a friend and she loved it!!!!!! I also got a plain purple one and they are awesome to just run around and play in.

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