Halloween Shiny Blue Silver Catwoman Catsuit Leotard Metallic Unisex Costume Halloween

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By Icee - June 20,2016

I love this costume, wore it to a halloween party and everyone loved it. I will recommend this to others.


By jukeboxLover - September 14,2011

What Dave said is not completely true. I also washed my Metallic Catwoman Suit and it looks just fine. You probably kept it too much in water. I just dipped it once or twice and I gently cleaned it. I did not stretched it or dry it at direct sunlight. It’s true, it look a bit more light blue that at the beginning, but it did not remain only silver, as you say. I’m satisfied with my milanoo costume.


By Dave - June 23,2010

This looked great when it first arrived but after 1 wash in cold water all of the blue has washed out and I am left with silver costume and not blue

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