Halloween Orange Spandex Lycra Bodysuit Inspired by Spiderman Halloween

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By David - August 19,2011

Orange zentai Spidey! Wow. I never though I\'d see spiderman in any other color of the rainbow. It looks good. Not at all like a giant orange. In the shape of a man. But still a giant orange. With orange webs and with a pair of staring eyes through those transparent mesh things you have to cover the eyes. The only thing missing is orange web things that shoot out of Spidermans wrists; you should really work on that. I\'d pay double for something like that. Keep that in mind while designing your next suit huh Milanoo. And remember all your fans who are looking to buy Spiderman costumes in the future. I will remember you. Prices are very attractive on milanoo.com by the way. Let me know when you get some new stuff.

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