Halloween Blue Spandex Unisex Zentai Suit Full Bodysuit Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By Bryan - August 1,2011

The zentai suit is so lovely and cool.I am attracted by it deeply.Its quality and design are good,while your services and delovery speed are amazing.All in all,thanks a lot!


By Pauline - October 24,2011

Blue is a really interesting color and I have been out on the prowl for a blue zentai suit for quite some time now. I have never been able to pick up the right shade of blue, they were all too dark so far till I came upon this website which seemed to have just about everything related to zentai. I just fell in love almost immediately and since then I have been picking up many other zentai suits from the website too. I must say, all of them are really good and I have picked up 8 so far!


By Stephen - July 27,2011

It\'s not appropriate to say that this zentai suit is wonderful, while it\'s proper to say that it\'s a tremendously fabulous suit.

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