Gothic Lolita Dress SK Black Lace Up Ruffle Tiered Cotton Lolita Skirt

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By Lord Mollum - November 8,2012

I love this! It was ankle length, not the length it showed in the picture. It is beautiful!


By kaka.linkinpark - December 15,2010

This skirt is really beautiful and worth of its price :]


By Jill - August 17,2011

One of the best things about this website is the extensive information available about the sizes of the different products here on the website. Since there is obviously a lack in the ability to actually try out this on myself like I would be able to do so in a store it really is helpful to have such a detailed guide as it is absolutely imperative that a girl wear and pick up clothes that are properly fitting for her. Even though a dress costs a fortune, one which is wrongly sized up or one which is a size too short or a size too big will invariably end up making the dress look redundant and in more cases it actually has a negative effect on the appearance of the girl.

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