Gothic Black Lolita High Platform Shoes Heels With Shoelace

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By REBECCA - October 1,2011

I have never seen shoes with this higher platform in my life there insane i like


By Punk K - April 24,2012



By Rose - October 1,2012

I bought these about two years ago and I LOVE them. They are hard to walk in at first, but you get used to it. Just BE CAREFUL. Make sure you'll be wearing these on pavement and pay attention to where you are stepping. They would be much easier to walk in if they had ankle support, but they don't, so it does take practice to get used to them. Naturally I only wear these on special occasions, like conventions, raves and concerts that won't degenerate into a mosh pit (I wore them to new orleans to see the dresden dolls last year and had no problems). They are great quality and still look brand new despite the use I have gotten out of them. The one thing you should be prepared for is the smell of them, though. When they first arrived (within a week of ordering mind you) I opened up the box and they smelled like chemicals x.x" super freaking strong and gross, but it wore off after a few weeks of spraying them with air freshener and leaving them outside for a few hours each. I once wore these to the mall on a whim and had a horde of preteens chase after me because they thought I was lady gaga. Naturally I was both amused and horrified, but I managed to escape without a scratch (they make your strides pretty long xD) and left the mall to quietly contemplate how annoyed I was that I can't wear anything extravagant without someone mentioning LG even though I can't stand her music and I look nothing like her. All in all, awesome shoes and ridiculous height that always turn people's heads. If you love crazy footwear like I do, these would be a great addition to your closet. :}

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