Glossy Black Lolita Chunky Heels Shoes Platform Ankle Straps Bows Round Toe

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By Amelia - August 21,2011

I’ve always had a problem with heels. They fit me well and though I don’t have the usual problem of not being able to walk, I end up getting an intense ankle pain whenever I wear them. They sometimes get so bad that even normal walking gets a little too hard to get by and it takes a good day or two before I can be up and about. This was not isolated to a single model of shoes or even two of them, and it really got frustrating till I managed to pick this particular pair of shoes from the website. They are just fantastic and I have been wearing them for over a day and have faced absolutely no problems at all with them so far. Thank you Milanoo.


By lilian - February 3,2012

hey how big is the platform on this shoe??


By orourketess - March 25,2012

Not exactly made for daily use, the material scuffs easily and they already look pretty beaten. The sizes actually run a bit large from my experience, however, this is not a problem, as I prefer bigger shoes--more comfortable for my feet. At first, the straps made it so the shoes didn't fit, but they stretched easily and I can now walk comfortably. Lost a star because they don't look exactly like in the image--there aren't bows on the front of the shoes that I received. Overall, however, very satisfied, very comfortable. (:

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