Fuchsia Platform Patent Leather Womens Shoes

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By Yasmine - June 23,2012

ah!... u see ur children growing up and say that time went so soon... what to you say when your granddaughter turns 16?! and what do you gift her?!... thankfully my tech savvy grand daughter saved me from the pains and told me that she'd like these pink heels on her b'day. honestly at first i was shocked to see the color... u see im an old woman who wears creams and whites and lilacs... i thought if this is so bright on the screen wat is it going to be when it comes?!... i was ready with my sunglasses... but when it came and i saw the grin on my grandchild's face it was everything I wanted... she said its the best thing ever... and wore it on her bday.... thank u milanoo for making me see her smile!


By malbo2 - May 24,2012

mi piacciono un casino


By Mel'76 - August 6,2013

Elles sont trop magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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