Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By emilychicken - August 11,2014

This is the second product I have ordered from Milanoo, and things have only gotten better! The overall quality of the costume is very professional and well done, and it fits me just right! The way you see it on the mannequin is exactly what you will get. The only complaints I have is that the sailor collar is a just slightly crooked, and the shirt fabric is a little thin and stiff, but that's really not a problem for me! I wore it to school on Halloween and through that holiday night, so it really works not just as a costume, but as a legitimate school uniform! Great buy at a great price!


By lex - August 18,2012

Kill me with cuteness and sexiness at the same time! This is the perfect balance of it! The classy school skirt to match the world and the little uniform shirt for me to go awwww every time i see it... do not look at it with a skeptical eye.. or you will go thru what my sister is goin thru!... she said it'll look weird i told her to shut up and i bought it... and now hahhaha... she wants the skirt so bad and all i can do is grin and tell her that she proves that she's a blonde everyday of her existence!!.. love u milanoo! You are my favorite shopping partner ever.  


By Ba - July 26,2012

I finally got it. Love it very much. I looks young in it.

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