Final Fantasy XIII Serah Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Reiki of Darkness - August 25,2013

I couldn't have asked for a better quality in Cosplay. This is only my second year in going to a Convention and I wanted to make an effort with my cosplaying as I never have done it properly before... I have always enjoyed the idea of becoming a character from either an anime or a game and Final Fantasy 13 has always been one of my favourite games, I really wanted a Lightning Farron cosplay, but I thought about waiting for next year, as I am now in a cosplay group and a friend is going as Lightning, no one had chosen Serah and I like her, so I decided that I would cosplay as her. I ordered it on a Thursday, then got it on the Monday, I was soo surprised of how fast it came in, considering I left everything for my Convention last minute. At first I thought it was a wig I ordered from somewhere else, but then when I opened it and saw the skirt, I jumped up and down, waking up everyone in the house. I instantly ran upstairs to try it on and it fit beautifully, a little tight around the bust, but after a few tweaks, it fit perfectly. The quality of the clothes was better than I had anticipated and I felt good wearing it. I ran around to my friend's house instantly to show her and we jumped up and down like crazy children who had just been told we were going to Disney World. I was now ready for my second convention. The Convention is the first week of september and I know that I will be a very happy camper to know that Milanoo gave me a great cosplay. I will definitely look here first the next time I want a cosplay or anything else to do with clothes. Thank you Milanoo ^.^


By Animegirlmel - September 14,2013

I am very new to cosplaying and conventions and I wanted to try out cosplaying for fun, a lot of my friends were in to it and being an anime/gaming freak I thought it would be a great thing try out. A very close friend of mine wanted to do a character pairing for Final Fantasy 13 or 13-2 and we were looking at pairings and he said he really liked Snow. I said I really liked Serah and I decided to become his pairing for the cosplay and the convention. I didn't know where to get the cosplay and a friend of mine who uses Milanoo a lot for his cosplaying needs, mainly wigs but had bought a cosplay before from here and was very impressed with it gave me the link to this. I was very happy with the look of the cosplay so I bought it, I was expecting it to arrive just before the convention as I had left it very last minute but it came in a couple of weeks early which made me very happy. When I went to the convention, everyone really liked my cosplay and I loved the feel and quality of it, it was soo comfortable. Even my friend who was cosplaying as Snow loved it, we got some great pictures together and did a few skits. Thank you Milanoo for getting me started into the world of cosplay.


By KikiCosplayOfficial - March 6,2015

Exactly as pictured, fits good; the skirt can be a bit tight. Its comfortable and for a good price. https://www.facebook.com/Kikicosplayofficial?ref=hl

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