Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Daelwyn - August 14,2012

I would like to say that the quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship is really nice. The edging isn't painted on and the whole costume is made out of nice durable fabric. It came with everything as advertised - black stretchy undershirt, shorts, shoulder strap thingie, fur, purse piece, and the belt. The belt is nice and looks like the picture and the purse is actually large enough to fit a camera and a small cellphone in. So - useful =)It also zippers which is really nice. If you're looking for something that is "Fang-like" then this is really good. If you're looking for accuracy, you'd probably be better making it yourself. The bottom is a pair of shorts instead of a skirt and - mine at least - sat on my waist instead of my hips. So - basically - high quality costume that isn't very accurate.


By alicia - August 18,2012

I really love the sari look this costume has. I have a huge admiration and respect for Indian culture and this costume is a really swanky adaptation of the traditional sari. I bought it because i was invited to a party at one of my professor’s house and he is Indian so i thought he would like it. It looks totally cute and i love the pattern and blue color. The most amazing bit though about this sari costume is that it has these very unique accessories that look so rustic outside of the environment of the game. They add a really rural touch to the whole costume. i am totally amazed by milanoo.


By Eden - June 28,2011

Great job! I was really intrigued by Yun Fang, the first time that I saw her. I really like the character design from the sari-inspired outfit to the gladiator boots and I also have this thing for staff/spear weapons.

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