Fashion Blue Distressed Pattern Cotton Womens Skinny Pants

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By Akash - June 4,2012

I'd given up on finding jeans that are flattering because I'm built funny -- extremely short waisted, long legs, curvy. If jeans fit in the hips, they're too big at the waist. These don't gap at my waist! They sit just below my natural waist and don't gap at all. And usually those metal buttons that they use on jeans add an inch where I really don't need an inch added. Not so on these jeans. And the fabric isn't stiff or heavy. I'm 5'3"/118 and athletic (rel large quad muscles and slender hips & waist). The petite 4 fits perfectly (well almost - had to hem 1"). Cotton fabric with just enough give and no bagging by the end of the day.. Waist is comfortably low,but not super teenager low. The dark wash and no extra stiching or worn spots mean I can dress them up for work or down for the rest of life. Truely versitile, quality jeans. two thumbs up.

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