Dragon Ball Son Goku Halloween Cosplay Costume Super Saiyan 3

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By oryza - July 17,2012

I know I can’t expect the exact same thing as the one in the cartoon but what I ended up getting was quite a disappointment. It looked nothing like the one in the cartoon. Goku looks big and strong and muscular in the cartoon. But when I wear it, I swear, it looks like pajamas. It looks a child’s uniform but since I bought it, I have no other choice but to wear it. Hopefully it will look better when I get a matching blonde wig and blue shoes. Now it just looks like a simple, yellow karate uniform. Coming back to the wig, it would have to be one funky wig thanks to all the spikes in it. It cost a bit more than I would’ve liked, I mean I could’ve dyed my nephews old karate uniform but I thought I’d get an authentic looking costume.


By Oweu - January 12,2011

Sehr Schnellllllleeeee Service- Dank schön!


By Kongfulieber - January 12,2011

Hallo, dank schön, hab das Kleid bekommen. Ich hab schon viele Kleider gekauft, die mit \"Bauwolle\" gekennzeichnet ist, aber diesmal ist richig aus Bauwolle. Vielen Dank! Ich kauf noch was anderes!

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