Dragon Ball Piccolo Halloween Coaplay Costume Flute Familiar IMP Uniform Cloth Combined Leather Halloween

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By Leo - July 24,2011

Hello, I was wondering if I could order this costume with the Son Gohan cape, because I like it way more. Thanks!


By Drew - July 21,2012

Thanks milanoo for having such a wide variety of costumes in your catalogue. I ended up buying this costume because i was going to the local comic con and wanted to dress up as mojo jojo from the powerpuff girls series but since there was no store in my area that had that character costume i had to do whith whatever i could. Generally i make my costumes if that’s the case but because i had exams during that time i had to save my time and i ended up buying this costume instead. It actually worked out great since i was able to source the headgear too from elsewhere. Thanks for saving me in a pinch. Might i suggest a cartoon section too.


By Adán - April 23,2014

Perfectos para cosplay, estan aguantando muy bien! gracias

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