Deep Red 2" Heel TIGER & BUNNY Barnaby Brooks Faux Leather Cosplay Shoes Halloween

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By Fredericks - July 26,2012

Barnaby Brooks is a character that I have adored since I was a child and I decided to dress up in this way for a costume party. If I was going to dress up like this, I wanted to do it right and I figured that you needed shoes to do it properly. These shoes may seem a little ostentatious at first sight but that is not true and they are amazing to wear and the quality is amazing. Milanoo is a great site to buy stuff from and these shoes got me looking at other things and the quality is pretty good there too. The collection is amazing and I will end up buying something each time that I come here. I am here now to look out for some jeans and get them going pretty soon right now.


By Janette - August 6,2012

I was so happy to get these shoes. The package is so tight(I was so worry before that long way's travel may got some damage), when I finally open it, the shoes are as fine as they are in store. Thank you so much!

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