Cotton Black Loilta Skirt White Trim Layers Ruffles

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By Kitty - November 3,2014

Vary nice skrit looks just like the pic vary puffy and I love how the bows come off and on


By Kathy - August 16,2011

This is a very cute little skirt which I picked up for my daughter for her school annual play. I was really surprised when I first saw this. I have never before seen a single piece being offered in so many different sizes and all of them for the same price. It seemed like a killer deal and I picked up another one for my second daughter too. After all which mother doesn’t dream of seeing bother her kids dressed up in the same pretty clothes and bouncing around the house. Sure enough I received two very identical skirts and I also ordered identical blouses for the two of them, also from this website and now they look like one very happy pair of sisters. I am very thankful to Milanoo!


By Erica - July 14,2012

I have wanted this kind of skirt plus dress sort of thing for the longest time, and Milanoo offered this pleated skirt which was simply so pretty I couldn’t resist buying it. The pricing was attractive and hence I did not have to fish out a lot of money for this awesome thing. I am used to shopping from malls and was familiar with prices above 100 for dresses like these, but Milanoo offers great style, comfort and pricing as well and hence I found this particular skirt exquisite for a budget price too. The style is quite comfortable and the color finish is awesome. Now this cute skirt goes great with white or black top both! Its frilly and looks really pretty. Thanks Milanoo.

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