Cotton Black And White Lace Ruffles Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress

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By Evelyn - April 8,2010

This dress is really cute. The only complaint that I have is that the picture looks only SIMILAR to the actual dress, and is misleading. The dress itself has the panel completely covering the front, and the neckline is not like the one in the picture, it goes all the way up.


By Lthekyuuketsukineko - April 2,2010

Konnichiwa~! I am ready to purchase this dress, but I was wondering if it is really that poofy on the skirt part...I need a dress that really has that much poof at the bottom like this one does, but I don\'t want to be disappointed if I buy it and it isnt that poofy. (sorry I can\'t think of a better word for poofy haha..) thank you for you wonderful selection and service~!


By Lina - June 23,2012

Bonjour , je voudrai savoir si le tour de cou est livré avec .

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