Comfortable Blue 98% Bamboo Cotton 2% Bamboo Fiber Denim Mens Jeans

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By Simon - October 16,2011

When I wear jeans I feel like anything and everything in the world is possible. These jeans are very comfortable and I feel like I am wearing something so soft it can tear at the sight of a knife but they are rugged too. I go skateboarding on these jeans and they can sustain all my falls and protect my knees from scraping against the tarmac. I love the color. It is a deep blue that I can\'t find in any of my other jeans. The price is unbelievable and that was actually the main reason I bought the jeans.


By neil - November 5,2011

And the sale season at Milanoo keeps getting better and better! Under 9$ for a piece of this quality is just too little! It almost makes me feel bad that I have not been able to do justice by shelling out just under 9$ for such a wonderful pair of jeans! Awesome fit, as usual from Milanoo coupled with amazing quality of bamboo and cotton fabric and the beautiful color tone of blue to go with all of that. I think I am going to clean up the shop and buy at least ten more pairs of jeans on sale!

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