Color Block Halter Bikini Swimwear

Item Code: #06060140250
Bust: 86-102 cm (33.9-40.2in)
Waist: 58-79 cm (22.8-31.1in)
Hips: 90-104 cm (35.4-40.9in)


By Caramel - January 4,2012

The white and gold color is a combination which I have not worn before and it looked rather refreshing to put something on which one has never tried before. The fabric is pretty good for something which is just over 5 dollars and I got this along with 4 other swimsuits all from this website. This was the best of all of them though the price of this is the lowest amongst all of them. I think this goes to show that the price is not the only thing that you need to look for when you are buying something.

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