Coffee 2" Heel Mephisto Ao no Exorcist Faux Leather Cosplay Shoes

Item Code: #10280111558


By Tyra - July 28,2012

The color of these shoes is simply amazing and the material is out of the world as well. The price is another great thing about this cosplay pair of shoes and all of them convinced me to buy them for my stage show rather than rent them and I don't regret that decision even one bit. I am going to be performing soon and had a rehearsal recently and everyone liked the way I looked in them because of how realistic they were. They are pretty comfortable too and I think I can wear them around normally as well on skirts and things. I am going to be buying more stuff here on milanoo pretty soon and I will be coming back soon. Also, I will be recommending this site to my friends and family members for great clothes now!

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