CodeGeass Nunnally Vi Britannia Nylon Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By Fanny - June 7,2011

I bought this wig some time ago because my friend and I intend to cosplay .The wig itself is very high quality.I would highly recommend this piece for anyone planning to cosplay Nunnally Lamperouge .that is a good choice!


By Melisa - August 7,2011

I had no idea what the word cosplay even meant till I ended up on this wig. I just loved the auburn hair and the lovely locks of this hair. The curls on this wig are just so fantastic that some people even mistake it for real hair. And the best part is they are not as difficult to maintain as real curls on normal hair. Sure they need some work too to keep them in shape but it is far easier when compared to managing normal hair. It really is a sheer joy sporting this wig and though I am not sure about anime or cosplay I have come to believe that this wig would more than do justice to the character that it is aimed to mimic.


By Veronica - October 14,2011

I shaved my hair because i wanted to change my hairstyle and my friends told me that i should look for a nice wig so that i look presentable. I went online and i started to look at different types of wigs. Luckily i found this wig at milanoo and i place an order. The wig is quite impressive and the color of the wig is attractive. It is gorgeous and i noted that i can be able to adjust it in different angles. Besides that the quality of material that the wig has been made from is strong compared to the wigs which i usually buy offline. I salute milanoo for changing my look.

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