Code Geass C.C Halloween cosplay costume Halloween

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By NooradinFakhri - May 24,2013

Quality is very good, perfect fit and shipping XD


By jackie - August 18,2012

This costume is totally the final frontier in terms of style and precision. I don’t think any other person who’s going to come to my boss’s housewarming will have a better costume than mine. This just looks like the Komui Lee from the series. The design is also really nicely followed. Haha...i am glad i chose this costume. it fits nicely and gives a wonderful warm feeling. It’s really comfortable to wear and doesn’t bother me or anything. I saw other places and their costumes were a thousand dollars and not half as nice. It’s decided. Milanoo will forevermore be my choice website for clothes and costumes in the future.


By NooradinFakhri - May 24,2013

i got this one tailor made and it's a perfect fit. The quality is excelent XD

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